About Rob Keyser

Rob Keyser is a true waterman living on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. From surfing, to fishing and wave photography, his life revolves around Hawaii's oceans. Rob's love for the water began in Zimbabwe, Africa, where he was born. His father taught him how to fish, water ski, and catch crocodiles on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

When Rob was 10 years old, his family left Africa and moved to San Clemente, CA. Rob discovered surfing in California and it became his number one love. He chose to go to college in Hawai'i so that he could continue to surf and push his limits.


Rob started stand up bodyboarding 18 years ago after he saw someone doing it at Pipeline. Stand up bodyboarding is a cross between surfing and bodyboarding, where a surfer uses a bodyboard instead of a surfboard. Surfing big waves standing up on a bodyboard with no fins seemed impossible, but Rob was instantly up for the challenge. Today, Rob competes in local bodyboarding contests around the islands, and as of 2015 the contest added a stand up bodyboarding division. Rob's goals are to get stand up bodyboarding recognized as a popular sport and to surf the biggest wave ever ridden on a standup bodyboard.

 Rob's second and equal passion is photography. He asked for a camera for his 18th birthday, and he's been documenting his life in and out of the water ever since. As abodyboarder, he's spent a lot of time in barrels and getting pounded in the shore break. He wanted to capture these moments so that he could share with people what it's like to be on the inside of a barreling wave. Looking at Rob's photos is like having your own experience inside a barrel. Surfing will always be a part of Rob's life, and he feels honored to be able to share his passion through his photography.

Photo Credits: (Top) Pete @121snapshots, (Middle Elephant) Rob Keyser, (Bottom Left) James Kaeka @otf_vizions,